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Green Chemistry, 2nd ed : - V K Ahluwalia, 2016

About the Book :-
Winner 2009 Choice Award Outstanding Academic Title!

Written for researchers and advanced students in industry, R&D, and academic laboratories, this book describes a great number of organic reactions carries out under green conditions. Arranged alphabetically for quick reference on the bench, this practical work covers a wide range of reactions carried out in aqueous phases using PTC catalysts, sonication, microwave technologies. It also examines reactions using ionic liquids as solvents as well as solid state (solventless), enzymatic, and photochemical reactions.
Providing the protocols that every lab should adopt, it elaborates the principles of green chemistry and discusses the planning and preparations required to convert to green laboratory techniques. It includes applications relevant to practicing researchers, students and environmental chemists.
Editorial Reviews:
“In this well referenced book, Ahluwalia (Univ. of Delhi, India) does an excellent job of bringing the practical aspects of green chemistry to the laboratory scientist…. For any synthetic chemist looking to go green, this is the place to start… Summing Up: Highly recommended.”
- S.S.Mason, Mount Union College,
In Choice: Current Review for Academic Libraries, August 2009, Vol.46 No 11

This book is written especially for students (graduate and postgraduate), researchers in universitys/colleges, in Industry, R&D Laboratories etc. A large number of organic reactions ,which were earlier performed using anhydrous conditions and various volatile organic solventshave now been described under green conditions. The conditions used are use of green solvents like water, super critical carbon dioxide, ionic liquids, polymer supported reagents, polyethylene glycol and perfluorous liquids. A number of reactions have been conducted in solid state without using any solvent. Most of the reactions have been conducted under microwave irradiations and sonication. In large number of reactions, catalysts like phase transfer catalysts, crown ethers, biocatalysts have been used.
A number of preparations using the above techniques have also been incorporated.

Contents :-
• Green Chemistry
• Green Reactions
• Green Preparation

About the Author :-
has worked as Professor of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi for more than three decades and taught Graduate, Postgradudate and M.Phil. students. He has guided about 70 students for M.Phil/Ph.D. degrees and has published more than 250 research papers in national and International Journals. He has delivered a number of invited lectures in India and Abroad.
Prof. Ahluwalia worked as Post-doctoral Fellow for two years (1960-1962) and worked with Prof. Harold Shechter at the Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University, Ohio, USA and for one (1980-81) with Professor Herbert C. Brown, Nobel Laureate at the Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, USA.
He has also been a Visiting Professor at Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research University of Delhi, Delhi.
Prof. Ahluwalia is author of a number of books on Reaction Mechanism, Green Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Organic Synthesis.



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