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Business Communication - 2nd ed. - R. C. Bhatia

New Edition

About the Book :-
This book has been specially prepared keeping in view the revised syllabus of B.Com. (Hons.) / B. A. (Prog.), for the students of first year. Also, this book will cater to the needs of students of Chartered Accountancy for their Professional Examination I (PE-I).

It is hoped that the students will find this book interesting and even the general reader will be able to gain from it because special care has been taken to make the language simple, coherent and practical.

Some of the salient features of this book are:-

Explains the meaning and importance of communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, speeches and interviews, barriers to communication & principles and objectives of communication.

Describes the various forms and types of communication

Details the tools & techniques of modern technology in business communication

Writing project report, annual report of companies, minutes of meeting, citing references, bibliography, research tools.

For expert official and business correspondence, care has been taken to arrange all material in a clear and logical manner. Enables the students to read and grasp the subject very fast reading.

Essential english grammar added for immediate reference and understanding.

Contents :-
PART I : BASICS OF COMMUNICATION 1. Communication: Its Meaning, Importance, and Process 2. Objectives of Communication 3. Means/Media and Types of Communication 4. Verbal Communication: Written 5. Non-Verbal Communication 6. Formal vs. Informal Channels of Communication 7. Types of Communication 8. The Cs of Good Communication 9. Barriers to Communication 10. Modern Technology 11. Groups: Their Importance and Characteristics 12. Techniques of Group Decision Making 13. Tips for Clear Writing 14. Intrapersonal Communication 15. Interpersonal Communication 16. Self-Development and Communication 17. Communication Models 18. Interview 19. SWOT Analysis 20. Reports 21. Speeches and Presentation 22. Documentation, Bibliography and Methodology PART II : BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE 23. Definition, Meaning and Importance of Business Correspondence 24. Essential Features of Business Letter 25. Parts of a Business Letter and their Layout 26. Letters Written in Purchase Transaction 27. Enquiry Letter 28. Quotation Letter 29. Order Letter 30. Letter of Acceptance of Order (Confirmation of Order) and Refusal of Order 31. Follow up Letter and Cancellation of Order Letter 32. Compliance Letter 33. Complaints, Claims and Adjustment Letters 34. Collection Letter (Dunning Letters) 35. Letter of Introduction and Testimonial 36. Letter of Offer 37. Circular Letters 38. Sales Letter (Trade Circular or Sales Promotion Letter) 39. Agency Letters 40. Telegrams and Confirmations 41. Drafting the Advertisements PART III : BANKING CORRESPONDENCE 42. Banking Correspondence 43. Letters Written by Customer to Bank 44. Letters Written by Bank to Customer 45. Credit, Financial or Status Enquiries PART IV : OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE 46. Types of Official Correspondence 47. Notice, Agenda and Minutes of Various Official Meetings 48. Correspondence of a Company Secretary 49. Insurance Correspondence PART V : GRAMMAR 50. Words 51. Words Classes 52. Words Groups 53. Punctuation & Capitalization 54. Reading Comprehension 55. Speaking & Listening 56. Common Errors, Index.

About the Author :-
Dr. R. C. Bhatia
M.A (Economics), M.Com, Ph.D, is currently at Shyam Lal College (Evening), Department of Commerce, University of Delhi. He has 20 publications to his credit besides many articles in leading newspapers, magazines and U.G.C. Journals.

He is associated with Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Board of Technical Education in Delhi, Haryana and U.P. and CBSE. He is a member of several expert examination bodies and syllabus committees at center and state



R. C. Bhatia


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