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Calculus of One Variable - M.Thamban Nair, 2016

About the Book:
The book is meant for a one-semester introductory course on Calculus of One Variable at the Bachelors levels of Science and Engineering programs. It provides clear understanding of the basic concepts of differential and integral calculus, and also introduces slightly advanced topics such as power series and Fourier series. The introduction of sequences and series as the first chapter of the book helps a great deal in the discussion of various other concepts in the later chapters.

Key features:
Precise definitions of basic concepts are given.
Several motivating examples are provided for understanding the concepts and also for illustrating the results.
Proofs of theorems are given with sufficient motivation not just for the sake of proving them alone.
Remarks in the text supply additional information on the topics under discussion.
Exercises are interspersed within the text for making the students attempt them while the lectures are in progress.
Large number of problems at the end of each chapter are meant as home-assignments.

The student friendly approach of the exposition of the book would definitely be of great use not only for students, but also for the teachers of the course.

About the Author:
Dr. M. Thamban Nair,
Professor of Mathematics at IIT Madras, is a Research Mathematician as well as a teacher for more than 25 years at the Post Graduate and Under Graduate level courses in mathematics. He taught Calculus courses to B.Tech students of IIT Madras many times since 1995. He has won the prestigious C.L. Chandana Award for Distinguished and Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Research and Teaching in India for the year 2003. He was also a Post Doctor Fellow at University of Grenoble (France), Visiting Fellow/Professor at Australian National University (Australia), University of Kasiserslautern (Germany) and Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou (China). He published more than 65 research papers in national international journals, and also author of two books, one on Functional Analysis for M.Sc level and another on Linear Operator Equations for Post-MSc level. He gave several invited talks at various conferences in India and abroad, and also a mentor of INSPIRE program of DST.



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