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About the Book :-
The scope and understanding of International Trade has undergone a sea change in recent past. The traditional economic powers are fast losing their significance and new powers like. India and China are emerging with a great potential. The recession in U.S. and Europe is further giving a new dimension to the world trade. India, in order to increase its share in the world trade has to change its strategies quite often. In order to equip the students with the latest trends, the book has been revised.

The main changes incorporated in the book are:
• EX-IM Policy 2009-2014
• International business scenario at present
• Composition of India’s foreign trade
• Challenges in India’s foreign trade
• Free trade agreements
• India’s foreign trade agreements
• Trends in India’s balance of payments
• International Monetary System 1944-71 and 1971 till date
• The Data regarding the various aspects of trade has been updated and certain things like EX_IM policy 2002-07, Direction of foreign trade, India’s balance of payments, etc. have been delected.

Contents :-
Part I : International Trade
1. Introduction 2. Theory of International Trade 3. Changes and Challenges in the International Trade Order 4. International Trade and Economic Integration of Developing Countries 5. Barriers to Trade 6. Balance of Payments 7. Exchange Rate Determination 8. Export Import Policy 2009-2014 9. Export Finance 10. Distribution Logistics for Exports 11. Indias Foreign Trade Management Organisations 12. State Trading, Part II : International and Domestic Financial Environment 13. Evolution of International Monetary System 14. Capital Market in India 15. Industrial Financial Institutions in India 16. Multinational Companies and International Business 17. International Finance Strategies 18. Euro Currencies 19. World Trade Organisation 20. International Monetary Fund (IMF) 21. World Bank 22. Global Trading Strategies.

About the Author :-
M.K. Bhat
, is currently working as principal in Maharaja Agrasen institute Management Studies (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University , Delhi). He has over twenty three years of teaching experience at undergraduate and post graduate level. He has contributed research papers in national and international journals of repute. He has also presented his research papers in central/state universities along with institutions of national repute like IIMS. He has contributed more than 100 articles in the periodicals of national repute. He is in the panel of experts on economic issues n All India Radio and regularly contributes his thoughts on various channels on economic issues.





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