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Heat Transfer,3E - S.P. Venkateshan

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About the Book :-
The book is a text on Heat Transfer, a subject that is taught to B.E./B. Tech. students of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy in most engineering colleges. It is also taught at a some what higher level to students doing M. Tech. In Mechanical Engineering. The present book should be useful to both category of students. UG students may leave out advanced topics that lie outside their syllabus. The subject deals with a detailed study of heat transfer by conduction in stationary media, by convection in moving media and also by radiation. This book is primarily a text book in Heat Transfer at UG/PG level. The book should also interest practicing engineers who wish to refresh their knowledge in the field. The book presents the various topics in a systematic way starting from first principles. The topics are developed to a fairly advanced level towards the end of each chapter. Several worked examples illustrate the engineering applications of the basic modeling tools developed in the text. The exercises at the end of the book are arranged chapter wise and challenge the reader to tackle typical real life problems in heat transfer. This 3rd edition has been thoroughly revised, corrected and augmented with many new topics in addition to those that were in the 2nd edition.

Contents :-
1. Introduction to the study of heat transfer; 2. Steady conduction in one dimension; 3. Unsteady heat transfer in lumped systems; 4. Heat transfer from extended surfaces; 5. Multidimensional conduction, Part 1; 6. Multidimensional conduction, Part 2 7. Numerical solutions of conduction problems; 8. Basics of thermal radiation; 9. Surface radiation; 10. Radiation in enclosures; 11. Radiation in participating media; 12. Laminar convection in internal flow; 13. Laminar convection in external flow; 14. Convection in turbulent flow; 15. Heat exchangers; 16. Natural convection; 17. Special topics in heat transfer; Appendixes; Bibliography , Index.

About the Author :-
Prof. S.P. Venkateshan obtained his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1977. After spending three years at Yale University, he joined the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 1982. He has been teaching subjects related to Thermal Engineering to both UG and PG students for the past 32 years. He has published extensively and has more than 100 publications to his credit. The areas of his interest are; a) Interaction of natural convection with radiation, b) Numerical and experimental heat transfer, c) Heat transfer in space applications d) Radiation heat transfer in participating media and e) Instrumentation. Prof. Venkateshan has been a consultant to ISRO, DRDO, and BHEL in India and NASA in the US. He has three patents to his credit in the area of instrumentation. He has also guided about 30 scholars towards the Ph. D. and a similar number of scholars towards the M.S. (by Research) degree at IIT Madras.

The present book had its beginnings in the notes prepared for the course on Heat Transfer taught by him for several years at IIT Madras.



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