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Botany, 2nd ed - V. Verma

About the Book :-
The present book is an attempt to provide a detailed account of different branches of botany for the students of degree classes, plus II classes and also for those who are appearing in different competitive examinations.

The subject-matter of the book has been well supplemented with high quality and adequately labelled illustrations. A new chapter on Mutation has been added along with an appendix giving latest information about the regulation of gene activity.

Contents :-
Unit I-Plant Kingdom : 1.Biological Classification; 2.Viruses; 3.Monera (Bacteria); 4.Monera (Cyanobacteria); 5.Protista; 6.Algae ;7.Fungi; 8.Lichens; 9.Bryophyta; 10.Pteridophyta; 11.Gymnosperms; Unit II-Angiosperms :-12.The Reproduction of Flowering Plants; Unit III-Morphology 13.Vegetative Morphology; 14.Reproductive Morphology; Unit IV-Systematics 15.Systematics; Unit V-Plant Anatomy 16.Plant Anatomy;Unit VI-Cell Biology 17.The Cell:The Basic Unit of Life;Unit VII-Genetics 18.Mendel and His Laws of Inheritance; 19.Structure and Function of Genetic Material; 20.Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement; 21.Genetic Engineering, Cloning and Genomics;Unit VIII-Plant Physiology :-22.Plant Water Relations; 23.Absorption of Water; 24.Ascent of SAP; 25.Transpiration; 26.Mineral Nutrition; 27.Photosynthesis; 28.Translocation of Organic Solutes; 29.Respiration; 30.Nitrogen Metabolism; 31.Growth and Growth Hormones; 32.Physiology of Flowering; 33.Plant Movements; Unit IX-Ecology :-34.Organisms and Environment; 35.Biotic Community and Plant Succession; 36.Ecosystem; 37.Biodiversity and Conservation; 38.Natural Resources;39.Environmental Pollution; Unit X-Economic Botany :-40.Plants of Economic Importance; Unit XI-Origin of Life :-41.Origin of Life; Unit XII-Organic Evolution :-42.Evidences and Theories of Organic Evolution;43. Mutation, Appendix, Index.

About the Author :-
Dr.V.Verma is an aluminus of some very illustrious Institutions of India, namely, K.P.Inter College, Allahabad, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, University of Allahabad and University of Delhi for more than forty years. His books, numbering about a dozen, have been widely appreciated by students and teachers of undergraduate as well as postgraduate classes of all Indian Universities. His books have been written in a very lucid style and in an easily understandable language. After retiring from Delhi University, he has joined Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations as Professor and Head of the Botany Department.



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