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Green Management : Theory and Applications - M. Karpagam

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This book introduces the students and management practitioners to green thinking, ethical management practices, pollution control and prevention, as well as strategies that could be adopted to convert an environmental problem into business opportunity for companies.

Foreword, Preface 1. Environmental Philosophies and Environmental Ethics 2. Basics of Ecology and Environment 3. Environmental Movement 4. Business Ethics and Its Relevance Today 5. Economics-Environment Interlinkages 6. Economic Development and Environmental Degradation 7. Economics of Pollution 8. Sustainable Development 9. The Rise of Green Consumerism 10. The Greening of Company Managements 11. Environmental Management Systems in Industry 12. Stakeholders and Their Relevance Today 13. The Precautionary Principles 14. The Polluter Pays Principles 15. Sustainable Industrialization 16. Industrial Ecology 17. Economic Theory of Pollution Control - I: Optimum Pollution and Pollution Control Policy Measures 18. Pollution Control Policy - II: Command and Control 19. Pollution Control Policy - III: Taxes and Subsidies 20. Pollution Control Policy - IV: Transferable Discharge Permits and Refundable Deposits 21. Comparison of Pollution Control Policy Instruments 22. Life Cycle Analysis and Cradle to Cradle Concept of Industrial Design 23. Environmental Management Accounting 24. Environmental Auditing 25. Environmental Impact Assessment 26. Environmental Certifications 27. Environmental Marketing 28. India's Pollution Control Policy, Glossary, Bibliography, References Websites

About the Authors
Dr.M.Karpagam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai. She has obtained her doctorate in the area of Environmental Policy. She has authored first Indian textbook on environmental economics and environmental management- Environmental Economics: A Textbook (1992). She has research and consultancy experience in environmental policy issues.

Dr.Geetha Jaikumar has obtained her doctorate in the area of Industrial Pollution Control in Tamil Nadu. She is an Associate Professor of Commerce working at Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai.



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