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LASERS - Techniques and Applications, 2nd Edn - B.M.K Prasad

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While retaining the basic organization of previous edition, this second edition of Lasers: Techniques and Applications has been conceived and written to reflect changes that have emerged in the understanding and teaching of the subject. A new chapter has been dedicated to the development of Optical Fibres Communication systems that followed the invention of laser in 1960, development of low optical fibres, sensitive photo detectors and efficient modulation scheme which offers certain unique advantages over rival systems wire and radio channels.
Another chapter on Fibre material manufacturing and applications has been added that discusses factors optimizing losses in the Fibre besides different fibre materials and their manufacturing methods. Also given is a brief overview of integrated optics that combines many functions into an integrated chip. In the last chapter on Laser Information Technology, use of lasers in optical data storage, laser printers, optical multiplexer are discussed.

1. Lasers : A Short Introduction 2. The Peculiar Properties of Laser Light 3. Types of Lasers 4. Gas Lasers 5. Solid State Lasers 6. Semiconductor Lasers 7. Dye Lasers 8. Highlights in The Development of Laser 9. Optical Resonators 10. Line Shapes and Threshold Condition of Oscillation With Lasers 11. Non-linear Optics 12. Far Ultraviolet and X-ray Laser 13. Theory of Laser 14. Applications of Laser 15. Optical Fibre Communication Systems 16. Manufacture and Applications: Fibre Materials 17. Laser Information Technology, Index.

About the Author
Dr. Brij Mohan Kumar Prasad is Principal and Professor in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon since 1998. He has been teaching for the last 29 years. He earned his Ph.D from Patna University in the year 1990 and has been involved in teaching, industry, administrative and professional assignments. He is associated with number of scientific and technical societies and is the life member of IETE, New Delhi; IAPT, Kanpur; ILT, BHU. Varanasi; LSSI, Mumbai; AIMA and ISTE, New Delhi. He is the nominee member of Computer Society of India, Chennai. Dr. Prasad is the member of the Editorial Board for some reputed Journals. He has always been visiting for inspection as a member from University etc. He has been attending seminars, symposia and delivered lectures on various technical and scientific topics. Over research activities he has worked many years at LTRP, IIT, New Delhi and has worked on Energy Resources in India at National Level and for that purpose visited IPR, Ahmedabad.



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