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Automatic Control Systems : Including Matlab, 2nd Edn. - S Palani

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The book presents a comprehensive coverage of linear system theory which is intended for undergraduate courses in Control System Engineering in all Technical Universities in India. Most of the books available to students now-a-days aim at giving solution to numerical problems straight away. In this book the concept of each topic is well discussed with a full length presentation of numerical examples. Each example is unique in its own way and it is graded in sequential manner. This book highlights and provides with easy methods of getting solution rather than the roundabout way. Even though, the subject requires a very strong mathematical foundation, wherever possible, rigorous mathematics is simplified and presented for the easier understanding of the basic concepts. Further, select numerical problems worked out in this book bring to test the capability of the students knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of the theory. Time and frequency domain approaches for the analysis and design of linear automatic Control Systems have been well explained using state space as well as transfer function models of physical systems. MATLAB is the most widely used software package in all Universities throughout the world. Sample numerical problems are chosen in all the chapters and MATLAB scripts are used to get the solution. In addition, at the end of each chapter a large number of short and long questions with answers are given as exercise. This book differs from the previous book "Control System Engineering" written by the same author and published by M/s. Vijay Nicole Imprints Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. The present book includes 1. MAT Lab programme is included in all the chapters and numerical problems solved. 2. Anew chapter on state space Modeling and Analysis has been included. 3. The chapters are formed in such a way that each chapter covers one unit as prescribed by almost all Indian Technical Universities in general and Anna University Chennai in particular. 4. The theoretical concepts are discussed at length and variety of totally different and new/rare numerical problems are solved and presented in a different format. 5. No part of the previous book or any other book is reproduced in the new book. 6. Control System Engineering is printed in about 650 pages whereas Automatic Control System is written in about 1000 pages.


CHAPTER 1 Control Systems Modelling and their Representation, CHAPTER 2 Time Response Analysis, CHAPTER 3 Frequency Response Analysis, CHAPTER 4 Stability Analysis of Linear Control System, CHAPTER 5 Root Locus Method for Analysis, CHAPTER 6 Design of Compensators, CHAPTER 7 State Space Modelling and Analysis

About the Author

Dr. Sankaran Palani obtained his B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering in the year 1966 from University of Madras, M.Tech. in Control Systems Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur in 1968 and Ph.D. in Control Systems Engineering from University of Madras in 1982 with academic excellence. He has a wide teaching experience of over four decades. He started his teaching career in the year 1968 at the erstwhile Regional Engineering College (Now National Institute of Technology), Tiruchirappalli in the department of EEE and occupied various positions. As Professor and Head, he took the initiatives to start the Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department. After a meritorious service of more than three decades in REC, Tiruchirappalli, he joined Sudharsan Engineering College, Pudukkottai as the Founder Principal. He established various departments with massive infrastructure. Since 2006, he is the Dean and Professor of ECE department in the same college.
Dr. S. Palani has published more than seventy research papers in reputed national and international journals and conferences and has won many cash awards. Under his guidance and supervision many research scholars have been awarded Ph.D.; and several candidates are pursuing Ph.D.; now. He has carried out several research projects funded by Government of India and other agencies. As the theme leader of the Indio - UK, REC Project on energy, he has visited many Universities and industries in United Kingdom. He is the author of the popular books titled Signals and Systems, Basic System Analysis, Digital Signal Processing (ECE), Digital Signal Processing (EEE), and Digital Signal Processing (CSE). His area of research interest includes design of intelligent controllers for dynamic systems, Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing.



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