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Industrial Economics - Ranjana Seth

About the Book
The industrial economy of India has undergone rapid changes in recent years. Effort has been made in this book to focus on the major aspects of industrialisation. It has been attempted to analyse in a comprehensive, consistent and compact manner issues related to concept, problems of industrial growth in India.

The book has been divided into 16 chapters. The book emphasis on the topics relating to the problems of industrialisation, market behaviour of business firm under different market conditions, factors promoting location of industries, problems of regional imbalance and ways to resolve them. Attempt has also been made to focus on issues related to industrial efficiency, industrial productivity-rationalisation, scientific management, cost-benefit analysis, industrial policy and industrial development during plans with special emphasis on role of multinational companies, globalisation and industrialisation of India.

Best effort has been made to incorporate latest facts with the help of informations gathered from studies of eminent scholars, journals, magazine etc.

Salient Features
This book attempts to make a comprehensive coverage of various issues related to industrialisation with special emphasis on industrial planning.
This book focuses on the behaviour of a firm under different market situations in a systematic way with the help of diagrams, tables, charts.
Issues relating to promotion of industrial efficiency has been discussed in this book.
Globalisation and Indian Industry has been probed in this book in a comprehensive manner.
The concepts have been elaborated with the help of data, figures, tables collected from published work of eminent scholars. The views of prominent author has been quoted.
The language of the book is simple.
The topics have been dealt in a consistent, compact and systematic manner.

1. Industry and Economic Development
2. Market Structure
3. Industrial Location
4. Dispersion and Problem of Regional Imbalance in India
5. Industrial Organisation and Ownership Structure
6. Size Optimum Unit
7. Economics of Scale
8. Rationalisation in Industry Automation and Standarisation
9. Industrial Productivity
10.Introduction to Cost Benefit Analysis
11.Industrial Policy and Indian Planning
12.Multinational's in India
13.Problem's of Large Scale Industries in India
14.Small Scale Enterprises
15.Industrial Development during the Planning Period
16. Nature of Industrial Sickness, Bibliography, Reports and Journals, Index

About the Author
Dr. Ranjana Seth,
Reader in Economics, obtained her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Benares Hindu University. She was the achiever of gold medal in M.A. She joined the Department of Economics, Vasanta College for Women in 1985, which in under B.H.U. She was participated in a number of Seminars (National and International), workshops and has to her credit various publications.



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