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Essentials of Nonlinear Optics - Y.V.G.S.Murti

About the Book
Nonlinear optical interaction of matter with intense optical fields plays a key role in emerging photonic technologies in the areas of photonics. Recent reports on new kinds of materials exhibiting novel forms of physical mechanisms and innovative proposals for device applications have encouraged further research in the field. An increasing awareness and exposure to the vast scope of nonlinear optics call for a clear understanding of the basic physics involved with an introduction toward applications.

The available book on nonlinear optics are of quite a wide variety in terms of content, style, topic coverage and depth of treatment. While most of these books are excellent resources for the researchers, there is a strong need for books appropriate for presenting the subject at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels in Universities. This book has emerged from an attempt to address the requirement of presenting the subject at college level. A one-semester course covering the essentials can effectively be designed based on this. Care has been taken to include rigorous features such as:
-elucidation of relevant basic principles of physics
-clear exposition of the ideas involved at an appropriate level
-coverage of the physical mechanisms of nonlinearity
-update on physical mechanisms and emerging photonic materials and
-emphasis on the experimental study of nonlinear interactions

The topics covered include quantum mechanics of nonlinear interaction of matter and radiation, formalism and phenomenology of nonlinear wave mixing processes, optical phase conjugation and applications, self-focusing and self phase modulation and their role in pulse modification, nonlinear absorption mechanisms and optical limiting applications, photonic switching and bistability, and physical mechanisms leading to nonlinear response in a variety of materials.

1. From Optics to Photonics
2. A Phenomenological View of Nonlinear Optics
3. Symmetry and Susceptibility Tensors
4. Calculation of Non-Linear Susceptibilities
5. Nonlinear Wave Mixing Processes
6. Optical Phase Conjugation and Bistability
7. Self Focusing, Phase Modulation and Pulse Shaping
8. Mechanisms and Materials

About the Author
joined the premier institution of IIT Madras following a bright academic career, where his teaching and research activities spanned over a few decades. Prof. Murtis condensed Matter research included experimental and theoretical investigations addressing problems on lattice defects and related transport and optical phenomena. Establishing a school of research on Photonics, he led work on experiments on Nonlinear Wave Mixing as well as on theorectical evaluation of Optical Nonlinearities of Colorcenters.

C.VIjayan has done his M.Sc. and Ph.D in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai. His early work includes Solid State Transport Phenomena and Photonic Memories. Over the last two decades, he has been actively pursuing research on nonlinear optical properties of Novel Materials. A professor of physics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, he heads the Photonics laboratory directing work of Quantum Confined Materials and Nanophotonic Materials.



Y.V.G.S. Murti
C. Vijayan


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