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Research Methodology and Scientific Writing - C.George Thomas

About the Book
This book is meant for beginners in research, research students as well as young scientists, to achieve the proficiency they require to bring the most out of their research activities. It will also serve as a textbook for a course on ‘Research Methodology’ or ‘Scientific Writing and Presentation’ (or similar names).
The book deals with interdisciplinary fields such as finding research problems, writing research proposals, obtaining funds for research, selecting research designs, searching the literature and review, collection of data and analysis, Preparation of thesis, writing research papers for journals, citation and listing of references, preparation of visual materials, oral and poster presentation in conferences, and ethical issues in research . Besides introducing library and its various features in a lucid style, the latest on the use of information technology in retrieving and managing information through various means have also been discussed. Another major highlight is the inclusion of tips to improve the writing skills for research students.

Key features
- The steps to be followed by a research students starting from formulating an ‘Outline of Research Work’ to the submission of thesis are vividly described.
- The book comprises of 15 chapters. Each chapter is further divided into sections and specific units thereof. The subheadings are dealt systematically.
- Cross references and a comprehensive list of sources for further reading have been provided for each chapter.
- The book is written in a self-study mode including several practical examples.

1. Research: The search for knowledge
2. Philosophy
3. Approaches to research
4. Experimental research
5. Planning and writing a research proposal
6. Collection and analysis of data
7. Information sources
8. The literature review
9. Important of reasoning in research
10.Preparation of thesis and research papers
11.Tables and illustration
12.References: How to cite and list correctly
13.Scientific writing: Improve your writing skills
14.Meetings, presentations, and lectures
15.Ethics and related issues in research.

About the Author
Dr. C.George Thomas
is professor In the Department of Agronomy, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur. He has more than 30 years of experience in teaching, research, and guiding students.
Dr.Thomas obtained MSc (Ag) in Agronomy from Kerala Agricultural University and PhD from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. A renowned science writer, Dr. Thomas has authored 13 books, 60 research papers, and more than 200 popular articles. He is a recipient of the prestigious Karshaka Bharati award of Govt. of Kerala for his contributions towards farm journalism.



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