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Public Finance 5th ed - T.N.Hajela

About the Book :-
The book presents a critical analysis of all the important issues connected with the theory and policy of public finance. The book is divided into two parts. Part ONE deals with the theory of public finance and Part TWO provides a discussion on the policy related issues in the context of Indian economy. In this edition, new matter has been added in a number of chapters particularly in Part Two. Latest data have been added wherever possible. An Appendix of Government of India Budgets for 2013-14 and 2014-15 has been added at the end of this book.

Since this is a textbook primarily meant for the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in economics of the Indian niversities, it covers broadly the syllabi of almost all the universities. The entire material has been presented in make it intelligible even for those who have no grounding in economics. The author is confident that this book will be equally useful for those appearing at all India and State level competitions.

Contents :
PART ONE : THEORY OF PUBLIC FINANCE 1. Nature and Significance of Public Finance, 2. The Theory of Public Finance, 3. The Principle of Maximum Social Advantage, 4. Public Revenue—General Issues, 5. The Distribution of Tax Burden, 6. Taxable Capacity, 7. Impact and Incidence of Taxes, 8. Prof. Musgrave on Shifting of Incidence, 9. The Problem of Excess Burden and the Principle of Tax Neutrality, 10. Problem of Double Taxation, 11. Classification and Choice of Taxes, 12. Value Added Tax (VAT),13. Effects of Taxation, 14. Public Expenditure—General Issues,15. Objectives and Principles of Public Expenditure, 16. Effects of Public Expenditure, 17. Public Debt—General Issues, 18. Management of Public Debt, 19. The Public Budget, 20. Techniques of Budgeting, 21. Fiscal Policy, 22. Deficit Financing, 23. Development Finance, 24. Financial Administration, 25. Principles of Federal Finance, 26. Public Enterprises, PART TWO: INDIAN PUBLIC FINANCE 27. Indian Federal Finance, 28. Finance Commissions and Their Recommendations, 29. Review of Centre-State Financial
Relations in India, 30. Public Expenditure in India, 31. Public Debt in India, 32. Railway Finance in India, 33. Sources of Revenue of Central Government in India (Tax and Non-Tax Revenue), 34. Sources of Revenue of State Governments in India, 35. Local Finance in India, 36. The Indian Tax System : General Observations, Appendix: Government of India Budgets 2013-14 and 2014-15.

About the Author :-
Dr. T.N. Hajela,
after teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students for almost two decades joined the University Grants Commission in 1963, dealt with programmes related to the improvement of standards of teaching and research in higher education in Indian Universities and retired as joint secretary in 1988. In 1974, he went to U.K. as a visiting fellow of the Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University and worked for one full term on “Impact of Inflation on Higher Education in the U.K.”
Dr. Hajela has been associated with a number of universities of the country as member of Academic Council, Research Degree Committee and Board of Studies in economics. He has authored a number of textbooks for university students in the field of monetary economics, macroeconomics, co-operation, economic thought, public finance etc.



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