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CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Business Ethics and CSR - With Case Studies and Major Corporate Scandals, 2nd Edn - J.P. Sharma

Reviews :

"Professor Sharmas book is a contemporary guide to the subject as a whole. Clearly his book will be of direct value to those studying and teaching the way in which companies are and should be governed, but it will also be of value to those concerned with the governance of a much wider range of institutions in the public and voluntary sectors." - Sir Adrian Cadbury

"It seems like anything in the area of ethics and CSR that has happened anywhere in the world, Professor Sharmas book has it. His analyses are very insightful and reflect the depth of his knowledge and understanding of the subject." - Prof. A. D. Amar

"Professor Sharma continues as a recognized champion of corporate governance, and his work in this new edition shows us why precisely this is so. One of the many strengths of his long standing work on corporate governance lies in his ability to bring theory and practice together clearly and concisely." - Erik Banks

"This second edition bears testimony to the scholarship and diligence you have brought to the task not only thoroughly revising material to bring it up-to-date but in adding new thoughts which reflect current thinking. What I particularly like about this volume is that issues like whistle blowing, corporate funding of political parties and shareholder activism are handled." - Prof. Stuart Locke

Contents :
1. Historical Background
2. Politics And Governance
3. Understanding A Corporate
4. Understanding Corporate Management
5. Understanding Corporate Governance
6. Corporate Boards And Its Powers
7. Women On Corporate Boards
8. Role And Functions Of Board Committees
9. Meetings Of Board
10. Regulatory Framework Of Corporate Governance (Country-Wise)
11. Major Corporate Scandals Worldwide
12. Corporate Scams In India
13. Codes And Standards On Corporate Governance
14. Initiatives In India
15. Electronic Initiatives In Corporate Governance
16. Class Action
17. Whistleblowing And Corporate Governance
18. Corporate Funding Of Political Parties
19. Shareholder Activism
20. Business Ethics
21. Corporate Social Responsibility

About the Author :
Dr. J.P. Sharma, currently Head, Department of Commerce, and formerly Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Business, is a Professor of Law & Corporate Governance at the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He has held several academic and administrative positions in his academic career spanning over the last 40 years,. He has supervised 22 Ph.Ds, 24 M.Phil dissertations. He has authored 15 books and around 100 research papers/articles published in several national and international journals of repute. He has participated as an expert in over 150 national and international conferences and seminars and chaired various technical and valedictory sessions. He was selected from the country to attend the three days Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Programme organised by the IFC (World Bank Group) acting through the Global Corporate Governance Forum, USA.



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