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Plant Physiology, 2nd Edn. - V. Verma

About the Book : This book has been specially designed as per the syllabi for the B.Sc (Hon.) and M.Sc students of Indian Universities. All the relevant and latest information has been incorporated in the book. The book caters to the need of the students as well as teachers who cannot get everything in a concise manner elsewhere.
Salient Features
Completely updated, latest information obtained from scientific researches have been included.
The chapter on Bioenergetics deals with energy transformations and chemiosmotic theory for ATP formation.
A very detailed account of role of light in photosynthesis is discussed in view of the latest findings.
Latest scheme of non-cyclic and cyclic photophosphorylation has been explained in detail.
Cyanide resistant respiration has been explained in detail.
Fat and protein metabolism have been thoroughly updated.
The various metabolic processes have been explained with the help of appropriate diagrams.
Every chapter has been dealt with in light of recent researches.
About 300 new diagrams have been included to make the understanding of the subject easy for the students.

Contents : Preface, Foreword, Chapter 1. The Cell : The Basic Unit of Life, Chapter 2. Bioenergetics and the Role of ATP, Chapter 3. Chemical Bonds & Macromolecules, Chapter 4. Properties of Solutions, Suspensions and Colloidal Systems, Chapter 5. Permeability, Diffusion and Osmosis Chapter 6. Absorption of Water, Chapter 7. The Ascent of Sap, Chapter 8. Transpiration, Chapter 9. Mineral Nutrition, Chapter 10. Mineral Salt Absorption, Chapter 11. Photosynthesis-I (The Pigments), Chapter 12. Photosynthesis-II, Chapter 13. Photosynthesis-III, Chapter 14. Special Modes of Nutrition, Chapter 15. Enzymes, Chapter 16. Respiration, Chapter 17. Fat Metabolism, Chapter 18. Nitrogen Metabolism, Chapter 19. Translocation of Organic Solutes, Chapter 20. Growth and Growth Hormones, Chapter 21. Physiology of Flowering, Chapter 22.Plant Rhythms, Chapter 23. Plant Movements, Chapter 24. Dormancy & Germination of Seed, Chapter 25. Senescence and Death,
Chapter 26. Stress Physiology, Chapter 27. Role of Plant Physiology in Agriculture, Appendix, Bibliography, Index.

About the Author : Dr. V. Verma is an alumnus of some very illustrious institutions of India: K.P. Inter College, Allahabad, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, University of Allahabad and University of Delhi. He has taught in the university of Delhi for more than forty years. His books numbering about a dozen have been widely appreciated by students and teachers of undergraduate as well as post-graduate classes of all the Indian Universities. His books have been written in a very lucid style and in a language, which can be easily understood by students. After retiring from Delhi University he has joined Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations as professor of Botany.



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