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Fourier Optics and Computational Imaging - Kedar Khare

About the Book :

This book provides an introduction to Fourier Optics in the light of new developments in the area of Computational Imaging over the last couple of decades. Imaging systems combining Fourier Optics principles and ideas on image reconstruction are increasingly showing superior imaging performance and are being used regularly in scientific research and in day-to-day imaging applications. This book is intended to provide a basic background of the exciting area of Computational Imaging to advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics who may wish to work with imaging systems in their future careers.

Salient features of the book

► In-depth discussion of mathematical methods such as Fourier analysis, linear systems theory,random processes and optimization based image reconstruction techniques required for understanding the working of computational imaging systems.
► Discussion of topics in Fourier optics, e.g. diffraction phenomena, coherent and incoherent imaging systems, and some aspects of coherence theory.
► Description of several system ideas combining optical hardware design and image reconstruction algorithms for giving the readers a feel for current research trends in Computational Imaging

Contents :

1 Introduction 2 Fourier series and transform 3 Sampling Theorem 4 Operational introduction to Fast Fourier Transform 5 Linear systems formalism and introduction to inverse problems in Imaging 6 Constrained optimization methods for image recovery 7 Random processes 8 Geometrical Optics Essentials 9 Wave equation and introduction to diffraction of light 10 The angular spectrum method 11 Fresnel and Fraunhoffer diffraction 12 Coherence of light fields 13 Polarization of light 14 Analysis of optical systems 15 Imaging from information point of view 16 Digital Holography 17 Phase retrieval from intensity measurements 18 Compact multi-lens imaging systems 19 PSF Engineering 20 Structural illumination imaging 21 Image reconstruction from projection data 22 Ghost Imaging 23 Appendix: Suggested Excercises.

About the Author :

Kedar Khare graduated from the Integrated M.Sc. program in Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur with highest honours in 1999 and went on to complete Ph.D. in Optics from Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, USA in 2004. After spending two more years at University of Rochester as a Research Associate, he worked as a Lead Scientist at General Electric Global Research in Niskayuna, NY, USA for over five years. Since December 2011, he has been a faculty member in the Department of Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.



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