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India-Russia Cultural Ties : Changing Dimensions - Preeti D. Das

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In the light of declining economic ties, those who were nostalgic for the close diplomatic Indo-Soviet relations came together to revisit the history of Russia – India relations and reinterpret it, drawing upon the efforts of Modi and Putin to re-energise and strengthen the ties. Interested in highlighting the reasons for stagnation, contributors of the book take a closer look to examine the potential for collaboration.


1. First Images of India in Russian Mind - Prof. Elena Y. Tereshenko
2. India and Russia: Relations in the Modality of “Soft Power” - Andrei Andreev and Ivan Andreev
3. What Can India Teach Russians? - Sergei Serebriany
4. The Diminishing Return: India-Russia Relations at Crossroad - Dr. Kumar Kaustubha
5. India-Russia Cultural Ties: From Unbelievable Fantasy to Privileged Relations - Dr. Preeti D. Das
6. Prospects for the Political and Economic Partnership of the Republic of India and the Russian Federation in Modern Global Processes - HarashchenkoNataliia, Gnatiuk Nikolay, Kushnirenko Vladimir, Volskiy Alexander
7. India-Russia Political Ties in a Changing World Order - Ajaya K. Samantray
8. India-Russia Relations: Shifting from ‘Strategic Partnership’ to ‘Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership’ - Prof. Phool Badan and Dr. Vijay Pratap Gaurav
9. Economic and Socio-Political Aspects of Russia-India Relationship - Mokhov Andrey Vladimirovich and Muraveva Natalia Nikolaevna
10. Role of the Private Sector in Strengthening India-Russia Trade Relations - Manish Kumar and Pankhury Harbansh
11. India-Russia Defence Cooperation: Oppurtunities, Challenges and Way Forward - Col. Anajai Singh
12. India-Russia Military-Technical Cooperation: Trends and Prospects - Nikolai Baranov and Dmitry A. Nikolaev
13. The Image of India in Modern Russia: Political, Economic and Socio-Cultural Ideas - Yulia Shichanina
14. Russian Far East: The Challenges of the 21st Century - Dr. Prashant Saini

About the Editor

Dr. Preeti D. Das is Senior Faculty at the Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies, JNU, holds a five-year integrated post-graduation from Simferopol State University, Simferopol, Crimea and doctorate degree from, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her research interests include social and cultural issues in contemporary Russia, Ethnicity & Media in CIS region and India. She has authored book, edited book and published several articles in reputed national and international journals. She has led field projects on education in India and area studies. She is also recipient of Jean Monett project 2020 for Strengthening and Promoting EU in HEI in India.



Preeti D. Das


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