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Rocket Dynamics and Space Flight - C. Sivaram

About the Book :-
The book is concerned with the physics of rockets in their various roles, namely space flight to the Moon and other celestial bodies, for satellite launches and for missiles. It covers both conventional rocket technology as well as futuristic propulsion systems such as photon rockets, solar sails and ion rockets. Related issues such as relativistic space flight and the problem of a rocket's re-entry into a planetary atmosphere are given due consideration. The book is accessible to undergraduate and graduate students of the physics and engineering streams. Various solved and unsolved problems are given to aid the reader along.

Contents :-
Preface 1. Brief historical Introduction 2. Basics of Rocket dynamics 3. Lunar and Near Space Flight 4. Interplanetary Flight 5. Relativistic Space Flights 6. Interstellar Flight 7. Re-entry into a Planetary Atmosphere 8. Missiles 9. Artificial Satellites 10. Rocketry and Spaceflight: a historical Asian perspective, Bibliography.

About the Author :-
Prof. C. Sivaram
is with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India, specializing in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology. He has made seminal contributions to fundamental interactions in the early universe and high energy astrophysics, among them the origin and acceleration of cosmic rays and gamma rays, neutrino production in quasars, neutron-antineutron oscillations, decay of cosmic string and d-branes, and COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) constraints on particle properties and theories. He has also made contributions to various topics in astrophysics, including the Solar neutrino problem, pulsar physics, gravitational radiation, theories of galaxy formation and dark matter. He has been an invited speaker in more than 25 international conferences and also a plenary speaker at several NATO Advanced Study Institutes. He is also a winner of a number of awards/testimonials, among them the Martin Foster Gold Medal, and fifteen Honorable Mentions in the scientific essay competitions held by the Gravity Research Foundation.



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