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Mechanical Measurements, 2nd ed. - S. P. Venkateshan, 2016

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Mechanical Measurements
is a core subject in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum. The course prepares the undergraduate (may skip some advanced topics and analyses) student for understanding and appreciating the practical aspects of Mechanical Engineering. The book will be very useful for post graduate students if they include all the topics covered in the book. On the whole the aim of the book is to present a sound foundation on the basics of measurement science as applied to measurement of quantities that are important to a mechanical engineer. Measurement involves both an art part pertaining to the skills to be developed for performing “good” measurements and a science part that prepares the engineer to innovate new measurement techniques. The role of the text is to prepare the engineering student to do both.

The book contains sixteen chapters and is divided in to five modules.

The first module contains Chapters 1 - 3 that deals with measurement errors and statistical analysis of data, regression analysis and design of experiments.

The second module comprises of Chapters 4 - 6 that deals with the measurement of very important quantities that are central to thermal measurements viz. temperature, systematic errors in temperature measurements and heat flux.

The third module comprises of Chapters 7 – 10 and deals with the measurement of Pressure, Velocity, Volume flow rate and Bulk mean temperature.

The fourth module comprises of Chapters 11 – 14 and deals with the measurement of Thermo-physical properties, Radiation properties of surfaces, Gas concentration, Force/Acceleration, torque and power.

The fifth module consists of Chapters 15 and 16. This module deals with computer assisted data acquisition - data manipulation and Examples from laboratory practice.

Worked examples are presented throughout the book. Exercises for the student are arranged at the end of each module. Useful Tables are provided in Appendix. Glossary, nomenclature and subject index are arranged to help the reader navigate through the book with ease.

Contents :-

1. Measurements, Error Analysis and Design of Experiments
• Measurements and Errors in measurement • Regression analysis
• Design of experiments
Exercise I

2. Measurements of Temperature, Heat Flux and Heat Transfer Coefficient
• Measurements of Temperature
• Systematic error in temperature measurement
• Heat flux and heat transfer coefficient
Exercise II

3. Measurement of Pressure, Fluid velocity, Volume flow rate, stagnation and Bulk mean temperature
• Measurement of Pressure
• Measurement of Fluid velocity
• Volume flow rate
• Stagnation and Bulk mean temperature
Excercise III

4. Termo-physical properties, Radiation properties of surface, Gas Concentration, force/Acceleration, torque and power
•Measurement of thermo-physical properties
• Radiation properties of surfaces
• Gas concentration
• Force/acceleration, torque and power
• Data Manipulation
Exercise IV

5. Data Manipulation and Examples from laboratory practice
• Data Manipulation
• Examples from laboratory practice
Excercise V

Bibliographic Notes and References
Useful Tables

About the Author
The author is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has been teaching a course in “Measurements in Thermal Engineering” for the past 32 years to B.Tech., M.Tech. students and research scholars pursuing M.S. and PhD degrees. He has developed a web based course and a video lecture series on “Mechanical Measurements” under the NPTEL project of IIT Madras. The first edition of the present book was co-published by Ane Books and CRC Press in 2008. It has been reprinted many times since then. Present book is a revised second edition of the same book. The present book is an enlarged version of the web course and also a modified and augmented version – Second Edition - of the earlier book. Major additions/modifications are in the treatment of errors in measurement, temperature measurement, measurement of thermo-physical properties, data manipulation. Many new worked examples have been introduced in the second edition. As far as possible errors in the earlier book have all been corrected. Paragraphs have been rewritten where clarity was lacking. I acknowledge the help of my students and other readers who have brought to my notice typographical and other errors in the first edition of the book.

All the illustrations have been redone to make them more uniform in appearance and to improve the quality. All plots have been redone using QtiPlot to make them more crisp and to display uniform quality even when many curves are present in each plot.

The author has earlier published a text book “Heat Transfer” through Ane Books. He has more recently published a text book on “Computational Methods in Engineering” through Ane Books as well as Academic Press, with Prasanna Swaminathan as a co-author.



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