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Dynamics of Indian Financial System: Markets, Institutions & Services, 3rd ed. - Preeti Singh

About the Book :-
This book is a comprehensive study of the working, operations and transactions of the financial system in India. It provides the methodology of investment and savings in the economy besides the structure of the financial markets, institutions, and services and the reforms in the financial sector.

Salient features:
• Provides an overview of the Indian Financial System and the important changes from 2006-2013 related to making the financial structure more efficient for inflow and outflow of funds.
• Discusses the reforms in the new issues market and stock market to make it investor friendly.
•Presents the promotional role of Reserve Bank of India and how it attempts at liberalization through reforms.
• Discusses changes in primary and secondary markets to protect the investor for more efficient and effective trading with latest data and tables and analysis.
• Discusses Trends and changes in foreign exchange markets and analysis of financial crisis.
• Includes changes in non-bank financial companies, small savings, provident funds and pension.
• Discusses the contribution of Unit Trust of India and mutual funds to India.
• All the changes relating to Development Banks have been included in this edition.
• Financial services of merchant banking, underwriting, leasing and higher purchase, housing and consumer finance, factoring and credit rating have been discussed with the latest developments.
The comprehensive package is an attempt to make it a useful book for students and teachers of management and economics, chartered accountants and masters in finance. It wouldl also be useful for professionals and help them understand the financial environment in India for conducting business.
The book is written in an easy comprehendible style with many objective type questions. Each chapter begins with a chapter plan to allow the reader to know the focus of the chapter. It provides a summary through points recapitulated at the end of each chapter.

Contents :-
Part One: Financial System - An Overview

1. Nature and Role of Financial Systems
2. Indian Financial System
3. Financial Sector Reform in India

Part Two: Regulatory Authorities
4. The Reserve Bank of India
5. The Securities Exchange Board of India

Part Three: Financial Markets
6. New Issue Market
7. The Secondary Market
8. Financial Markets for Short-term Funds

Part Four: Dimensions of International Financial Markets
9. Foreign Exchange Market
10. Foreign Capital Flows

Part Five: Banking Institutions
11. Commercial Banks
12. Cooperative Banks

Part Six: Non-Banking Financial Intermediaries
13. Non-Bank Financial Companies
14. Small Savings, Provident Funds & Pension Funds
15. Insurance Companies
16. Unit Trust of India and Mutual Funds
17. Development Banks

Part Seven: Financial Services
18. Financial Services

About the Author :-
Dr. Preeti Singh
, currently Professor at Jagannath International Management School (JIMS),New Delhi, formerly an Associate Professor in Jesus & Mary College, University of Delhi, has long and rich teaching and research experience in many postgraduate and undergraduate institutes of repute. She has taught Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management at Delhi University. She has been Professor of Finance and Accounting in Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (Delhi), Visiting Professor in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Birla Institute of Management, Delhi, and Department of Management Studies, Shimla. She is associated with the Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi, where she has delivered special lectures. She was on deputation with the Institute of Lifelong Learning, Delhi University, and has prepared online resource material for the university. A Ph.D. on Life Insurance Corporation and the Capital Market in India in the area of Finance. She has worked on issues relating to financial aspects like the Indian capital market, financial institutions, banking and industrial development. Her other interests are on issues relating to 'Human Resources Management' and 'Culture and Economic Development'. She has also been a research supervisor to M. Phil and Ph.D. students. She has participated in National and International conferences as organizer, paper presenter and Panelist.

She has many published research papers, articles and book reviews in management journals. Her other well-known books in the area of finance are Fundamentals of Financial Management, Investment Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Management: Principles and Practice and Dynamics of Indian Financial System.



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